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Artist Statement


I love color and that love dominates my work.

The vibrancy and importance of color in South America, especially Brazil, where I lived when I was seven, has permeated my life. Moving to New Mexico (Santa Fe and El Rito) after many years spent on the East Coast, strengthened my awareness of how much urban Europeanism has dominated North American art and culture.

Living in the Southwest it is easy to feel the influence of South, Central, and Native America, and I am happy to live in Durango, CO where trees and a lush landscape inspire me. Having spent many years painting on wood panels, I learned to make felt, using an ancient process that involves “working” the wool fibers with water to create fabric. My delving into this medium has deepened with the addition of silk fibers and fabrics, borrowing from a technique called Nuno Felting, developed by Polly Stirling.

I continue to be amazed and seduced by the qualities of the silk and wool  fibers and expect this process to remain one of on-going exploration and discovery.